GSU CENCIA past seasons

CENCIA 2012-2013 Season

GSU, Priscila Arantes, No Placeness, CENCIA 2012-2013 Season

Priscila Arantes

July 16, 2012
CENCIA, Atlanta Art Now, and Possible Futures welcome art critic Priscila Arantes as the main guest in a panel discussion on the book Noplaceness: Art in a Post-Urban Landscape. Arantes is the director and curator of Paço das Artes, part of the Sao Paulo State Cultural Council in Brazil.
GSU, Rawiya: She Who Tells a Story, CENCIA 2012-2013 Season

Rawiya Collective

September 27 – November 16, 2012
Rawiya: She Who Tells a Story is a photography collective founded by female photographers from across the Middle East. Rawiya presents an insider’s view of a region in flux, balancing its contradictions while reflecting on social and political issues and stereotypes. A panel discussion pairs the visiting Rawiya artists with Nadine Sinno of GSU’s Middle East Institute. GSU Project Lead: Cynthia Farnell, Gallery Director, Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design.
GSU, Think Transatlantic, CENCIA 2012-2013 Season

Think Transatlantic

October 1-4, 2012
Co-sponsored by the German Embassy and CENCIA, the Department of Political Science in conjunction with the Honors College of GSU and the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at GSU present Think Transatlantic, an exploration of 65 years of U.S. and German relations. The events include student competitions and a model NATO simulation.
GSU, Grassroots, CENCIA 2012-2013 Season


October 23, 2012
Dr. Tayloe Harding of the School of Music at the University of South Carolina and Dr. David Brian Williams of Illinois State University bring their Grassroots program to Georgia State University. A creative combination of current events, audience poling, and new music composition, the concert is determined by the audience!
GSU, The Tunnel: The Secret Siege of Sarajevo, CENCIA 2012-2013 Season

The Tunnel

November 12-16, 2012
Screening of the film The Tunnel: The Secret of the Siege of Sarajevo, the story of a secret tunnel that citizens of Sarajevo dug during the Balkan war. Discussion with filmmakers Beatrice Toulon and Nedim Loncarevic and GSU scholars Jelena Subotic and Stewart Ziff and a day-long exhibition of video-recorded histories of Atlantans affected by the siege. Vesna Pavlovic of Vanderbilt University exhibits photographs of women who protested the war.
GSU, Faulkner and France, CENCIA 2012-2013 Season

Faulkner and France

November 14, 2012
William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying tells the story of Addie Bundren’s family as they attempt to bury her in Jefferson, Mississippi. This program looks at how Faulkner’s famous novel has been translated, received abroad, and re-envisioned in other art mediums. Featuring Jacques Pothier of Universite de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Michael Haverty of The Object Group and 7 Stages, and Tom McHaney of GSU’s English Department.
GSU, Hemingway in the Veneto, CENCIA 2012-2013 Season

Hemingway in the Veneto

November 12 – December 20, 2012
Curated by Gianni Moriani with Rosella Mamoli Zorzi and presented by CENCIA and the GSU Library, Special Collections Archives. One of the greatest American writers of the 20th century, the exhibition looks at Hemingway’s time in Venice and the ways in which the city influenced his career. Panel discussion with GSU’s Marina Coslovi and Tom McHaney.
GSU, Shadow Puppets: Traces of New Documentary Practices, CENCIA 2012-2013 Season

Shadow Puppets

January 14 – February 8, 2013
Shadow Puppets: Traces of New Documentary Practices is an exhibition of photographic and video works that transgress traditional documentary practices in search of greater truths. A panel discussion addresses the intersection between art and document in recent lens-based media works. Writer James Elkins also presents a public lecture entitled Empathy, Affect, Obsession, Boredom: Elements of Current Theorizing on the Beholder.
GSU, Sounds of Spain, Pepe Romero, CENCIA 2012-2013 Season

Sounds of Spain

February 7-10, 2013
The early 20th century is regarded as a period of astonishing artistic creativity in Spain, one in which both “art” and “folk” traditions merged, giving way to an amazing number of beautiful literary and musical creations. Spanish poetry and music that carry the distinctive flavor of the era – a sophisticated and exceptionally seductive form of art – are showcased in several concerts. Featuring classical guitarist Pepe Romero and pianist Alberto Urroz.
Chinese New Year Concert, CENCIA 2013-2014 Season

Chinese New Year Concert

February 9, 2013
Bent Frequency presents a Chinese New (Y)Ear concert featuring the music of award-winning Chinese-American composer Lei Liang, who has received critical acclaim for his visionary works that fuse aspects of traditional Chinese with the sound world and aesthetic of a 21st Century musical language. The concert features his compositions and traditional music for the pipa.
McIntosh County Shouters, CENCIA 2012-2013 Season

McIntosh County Shouters

March 1, 2013
The McIntosh County Shouters are an African-American family of ten performers from coastal Georgia.  This unique ensemble presents a fusion of call-and-response singing, poly-rhythmic percussion, and expressive dance, which have had a profound influence on African-American music and religious practices.  This age-old tradition represents African retentions that honor ancestral spirits and embrace a connection between the living and the dead.
GSU, South Africa Yesterday and Today, CENCIA 2012-2013 Season

South Africa Yesterday and Today

April 3-4, 2013
Performance of the one-woman play Mother to Mother, by Sindiwe Magona, about the death of Amy Biehl, an American Fulbright scholar who was killed by a mob on the eve of the country’s independence election. Told from the perspective of the mother of a boy accused of her murder, the play is addressed to the mother of Amy Biehl. Performed by Shontelle Thrash and directed by GSU’s Shirlene Holmes. Featuring a lecture by Sindiwe Magona.
GSU, Improvising Brain, CENCIA 2012-2013 Season

The Improvising Brain

April 7-8, 2013
Bringing together researchers and musicians to explore music, improvisation, and related brain processes. The concert explores cognitive and interactive processes in improvisation. During the second half of the concert, a panel asks performers to comment on musical choices while listening to and looking at notation from a just-completed performance. The symposium features peer-reviewed paper presentations on the topic of music, cognition, and improvisation.